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Our Best Answer - What is my ID?

Applicants and students are often asked for their ID, but which ID exactly?  Below is an outline explaining each ID and its purpose.

Undergraduate applicants receive an ApplicantID.

  • An ApplicantID is a personal, unique identifier assigned to you. It consists of "app" plus the year for which you are applying, followed by a dash, followed by your initials, followed by one or more numbers. You use your ApplicantID, along with a password, to obtain access to online services.
  • A password is required with your ApplicantID to ensure that no one but you can access your confidential Cornell information.

Admitted students who matriculate (by sending in a deposit) are assigned a NetID and a 7-digit Cornell ID number that is displayed on their Student ID Card.

  • A NetID is a universal and secure identifier, unique to you, required along with a password to access many secure Cornell online services, like email. It consists of your initials followed by one or more numbers. Sharing your NetID is against University Policy.
  • Once a NetID is activated, students will be able to access their 7-digit Cornell ID. This is your unique personal identifier at Cornell. It will be printed on your Cornell ID card. You will be required to use it for: forms, exams, paying your bill, security verifications, and more.

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