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Our Best Answer - Does CALS offer admissions interviews?

In the interest of fairness and equity, interviews are not part of the CALS Admissions process.  

Applicants may be contacted in their local area by a Cornell Alumni Admissions Ambassador Network (CAAAN) volunteer. CAAAN contacts are not interviews, but rather, informal conversations which allow applicants to ask questions about Cornell, and become acquainted with another perspective on the university. Because requests for a CAAAN contact far exceed the limited number of CAAAN volunteers, we do not accept requests for CAAAN contacts. Cornell automatically sends applicant information to local CAAAN chairs, who then try to assign the applicant to a volunteer to contact the student. Brief summaries of these conversations may be included in the student’s application file. If you are not contacted by a local alumnus, this will in no way be a disadvantage to you in the admissions process.


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